Tuesday, April 5, 2011

schools ending

Looking at the calander it say April 2, 2011.
School is ending on May 26. Time is just flying by!
this year has been a whirlwind of events that are just non stoping.
-jacob going to college
- me moving to california
-me moving back to kansas
-dad going to rehab
-friend drama galour
looking back i cant believe i actually made it this far.

You dont really realize how fortunate you are until your life feels like its going down hill. It hasnt really hit me yet, but summer is coming up. this means, jacob is coming home, and sara is leaving for 3 months, alli is coming home, and charlie is getting ready to leave for college. i am about to be an only child. and not just that but friends have all changed so much since freshman year and that is just so hard. and all my friends are going through hard times. i think it owuld be the best thing for summer to come and give everyone a break but it breaks my heart to konw that this year is ending. it has had many good and bad things to it.
i cant believe i am going to be a junior an UPPER CLASSMAN. since when did i ever think i was actually going to make it this far.. never!
oh well the best is yet to come

Gracie Rose Abott (:

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